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Becoming a mum

by MissMiaandCo

When I first became a mum I drastically changed overnight. Slowly, new priorities set place. New fears, new worries! And to be honest what I thought mattered no longer did and the new chapter of my life had a new meaning. My little human took over, and even though I was a hands-on aunty to my 3 beautiful nieces, nothing compared to motherhood. I underestimated the time and attention this little human needed and the lack of sleep I would experience.

Motherhood brings a lot of tears and joyful moments. I learnt what true LOVE really meant. No matter what happens and how hard it is to be a mother, it’s a constant grace and blessing to have her in my life and it makes it all worth it! It’s the smile I see on her face everyday that makes my heart explode!

From early on I knew I didn’t want to miss any of my baby’s milestones and I definitely didn’t want her in childcare because I wanted to be the major influence in her life. I would think about this day and night and question myself over and over again about what to do. Should I go back to work? Should I leave her with my sister? Am I making the right decision? What about our financial responsibilities…? So many questions and doubts were constantly crossing my mind that I started to feel anxious everyday. I had to make a huge decision about my career as I only had 12 months of maternity leave and time was flying by.

It crossed my mind several times to build a business of my own or the possibility of creating something from home so I could feel comfortable financially and not have to go back to work again. I just wanted to be fully present for her and do something for myself! I’m a high energetic person and to be honest I love working as I was raised with hard working parents and I cannot imagine myself not doing anything, and for all those reasons I gained courage and MISS MIA & CO was born.

I was so scared and still am. Scared to fail everyday as a mum and as a entrepreneur, but my fear isn’t as big as the love I have for my daughter Mia, nor as big as my strength to fight for what matters, so I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work hard to make myself and my family proud. 

I know this will be a big risk, attempting to fulfil deadlines and commitments in my business and in real life, BUT I have a huge family support and a best friend that I’m lucky to be able to call my husband, and no matter what comes my way I know they will always be there for me for the toughest and best of times!

Every single item has been selected with so much love because my heart is full of passion for what I do. I’m so excited for what is yet to come and I cannot wait to share this with you. I work from home but mainly from my heart and I would only create something that I truely love and believe in, so here it is!

I hope you enjoy this ride of my life!

Love, Suzy.